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Hi, I'm Kristen

Kristen Lango brings stories to life on the page with traditional media. Using watercolor soluble pencils, markers and crayons, her bright colors and clear shape language fit well in the world of picture books, as her work will certainly grab the attention of children. 


She has shown and sold abstract fine art on wood panels in the Washington, DC area and has completed a mural for the City of Manitowoc, Wisconsin on behalf of the Rahr West Art Museum.  


Currently, Kristen is presenting her picture book dummy, Pops Plays Pranks, to publishers and art directors, though she has many other story ideas which are currently being worked out in her many sketchbooks. 


She is originally from Wisconsin, but currently lives with her partner in Houston, Texas, though she can frequently be found in Italy swimming in the sea and eating copious amounts of pasta.

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